Voice Installations

Voice Cabling Installations

Legacy Telecommunications copper cabling still exists within private business networks, often being used for analogue and digital lines.

Cabletree engineers are experienced in all aspects of installation, fault diagnosis and repair.

  • Underground Cable Splicing
  • Telegraph Pole Work
  • Frame Audits
  • Jumpering

Professional Installation

Line electrification and insulation testing will ensure that any copper conductor cabling system accommodate consideration for all line constants, to ensure any voice cable provides reliability for the user.

Installation and telecommunications compliance are considered with utmost importance in setting up new voice cabling, any fault liability could provide breakdown at any given point in the voice cabling network can equal a general failure in the entire system.

It is imperative that a cabling system is both professionally installed and well supported, Cabletree Communications are experts in this area ensuring full technical support is available as and when required.

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